3 Key Words for 2024

Happy New Year everyone!

What are your 3 key words for 2024?

Well, mine are Health, Simplify and Courage.

I decided to make this impromptu video while I’m having a nasi kandar lunch, so yes, you can take a glimpse of what I’m eating in this video!

But more importantly, I really didn’t want to overthink today’s recording process and just share what I genuinely felt because I really enjoy sharing any thoughts, ideas or stories with all of you. This is also related to my second key word which is to simplify!

It has always been my hope that my videos might help to stir up some reflections of your own, to see if it might help others and also to remind that each of you are truly special and amazing in your own unique ways.

2024 will mean different things to different people so do celebrate and embrace it in your own personal way!

I hope you’ll enjoy my video and if you wish to share your 3 key words for 2024, please feel free to drop them in the comments below too!

If you found this video useful, please feel free to share it.

Once again, have a great 2024 and may it be filled with great health, adventure and meaningful moments in your professional and personal lives.

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