A Movie Review: How to Make Millions before Grandma Dies

With a movie title of “How to Make Millions before Grandma Dies,” many might already guess on what the premise of the movie is about! It is a 2024 Thai drama film and is inspired by true events that typically happen in families.

The film revolves around M, a young man who drops out of university to pursue a quick buck as a videogame broadcaster. However, when his grandfather passes away, he leaves the house to his young cousin, Mui, who took great care of him before he died. M is then “inspired” by Mui’s actions and hatches a similar plan. He sells his gaming PC and “innocently” moves in with his sick grandmother with the hopes of winning her favour to secure her home in his name.

While we may find this premise laughable, there are some truths behind it!

Afterall, don’t we all agree that no family is perfect?

This movie forces us to confront the themes of money, generational wealth, and the complexities of family dynamics. It also deals with the grieving process which many may feel it is a taboo topic to talk about.

The main reason why I think it is an important movie to watch is because these are universal human themes that is applicable to every family. Being universal human themes, why do we not often talk about it? The plain truth is that while they may be universal human themes, they are also the most painful, difficult and complex. Nobody likes to talk about old age, getting sick and dying. We are also taught not to talk openly about money and we also do not address complex emotions amongst family members. Instead, many things are left unsaid or miscommunication happens and it results in fractured and irreparable relationships. By watching this movie, it makes us reflect on our own family dynamics and why we should be more open about it. More importantly, it teaches us to value what is most important in life and not to take our family for granted.

Another reason to watch this movie is because it also allows us to cry unapologetically in public! Crying is a very personal act and most people avoid doing it in public but when you watch this movie, it is inevitable that you too will also cry! Between the three of us friends, we cried at different timings because there were different scenes from the movie that resonated with us! The person sitting next to me was also crying and I could hear sniffles throughout the entire cinema! As most of the audience were crying, it suddenly felt perfectly acceptable to cry because I was not alone! However, it is not just about crying, but it is more of being comfortable enough to address the emotions that are within us. Crying can actually be a cathartic release and it should not be seen as a sign of weakness. By repressing our emotions, it often resurfaces in other areas of our life and we should not underestimate the importance of accepting how we truly feel.

But please let me add that this is not entirely a sad movie. In fact, it was funny, charming and surprisingly witty at most times! We also laughed a lot at the interactions between M, his grandmother and his other family members.

Throughout the movie, I couldn’t help but be drawn by the chemistry between both the actors who played M and the grandmother. It is incredible to know that the movie actually marks the directorial and acting feature debut of 34-year-old Thai director Pat Boonnitipat and 78-year-old actress Usha Seamkhum who plays the grandmother.

In short, I highly recommend that families watch this movie together because it will be a great moment of reflection. In fact, if you want to get to know your colleagues on a deeper level, you might even suggest watching this together as one of your team activities! Nevertheless, I think the movie provides a safe emotional space for people to be more present and to understand that we should never take our family relationships for granted.

Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.
– Unknown –

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