Hobbies: The Gateway to Happiness!

It was a Friday evening and typically, I would have locked myself indoors and not even bother venturing out anywhere because of the notorious after-work traffic jam!

However, I decided it might be a nice idea to finally take the time to attend my first baking class at the ABC Cooking Studio at The Gardens Mall in KL. I had bought the package a while back but never quite found the time to do it. Realising that the package would soon expire, I quickly decided I had to find the time! I had previously attended a trial session at their other branch in Pavilion KL for a bread course which was actually quite a fun experience.

I don’t really bake (but I remember the mishaps of my baking episodes in university whereby I once tried to bake a muffin which ultimately sank in the middle and was barely edible!) Therefore, I was intimidated knowing that I would be making “Mousse Au Chocolat” which required some level of skill and precision! However, I need not have worried because the instructor was really friendly and guided us patiently throughout the entire process.

Mid-way through the class, I found myself worrying unnecessarily on having the “perfect glaze” as I nervously poured the chocolate glaze over the frozen chocolate domes. It took a second for me to remember that I was not here to execute the perfect “Mousse Au Chocolate” and nobody was putting any pressure on me. More importantly, I was there to experience something new and have fun at the same time.

As we’ve grown older, sometimes the simple joys such as hobbies as well as learning and experiencing new things can take a backseat because we have so many other priorities in life.

However, 🎨 crafting, 🧶 knitting, 🍰 baking, 🎤 singing, etc —these aren’t just pastimes; they can be simple keys to unlocking joy! Let’s explore the delightful connection between hobbiesfun, and how they are related to happiness.

  1. The Art of Distraction: When life gets chaotic, hobbies allow us to truly focus on the present moment. We can lose track of time while painting a canvas or tending to our garden. That’s the magic of hobbies—they transport us to a world where stress takes a backseat.
  2. The Energetic Boost: Ever noticed how you feel after a day of pursuing your favorite hobby and had fun? Researchers found that engaging in artistic leisure activities leaves us feeling more energetic, enthusiastic, and excited the next day1. Whether you’re strumming a guitar or baking cookies, that creative spark fuels your happiness engine.
  3. The Mind’s Playground: Hobbies aren’t just about tangible results; they’re about the journey. Solving puzzles, writing poetry, or playing chess—all these activities light up our brains. The cognitive stimulation from hobbies keeps our minds sharp and our spirits high.
  4. Social Threads: Hobbies weave a beautiful tapestry of connections. Joining a book club, dancing class, or gardening group introduces us to like-minded souls. These shared interests foster friendships, combat loneliness, and sprinkle our lives with laughter. During this baking class, I met a wonderful lady who was such a joy to be with. She shared that she had quite a stressful job in the finance industry. Despite that, she felt it was important to take a break from work and had been going to the ABC Cooking Studio for 7 years and had bought all their cake, bread and cooking courses! While she was working in Singapore, she also took advantage of the ABC passport which allows members to take classes in other overseas locations. We laughed as we fiddled nervously with our creations and it was actually fun talking to someone new.

So, here’s to hobbies—the delightful bridges that can lead us to happiness and never underestimate how a few hours of fun can do for our own self-care and well-being.

Share your favorite hobby in the comments below. Let’s celebrate the little moments that make life colourful! 🌟🎉

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