I look forward to engaging with diverse audiences and creating awareness on how to be happier and more resilient at work with my signature talk “Be Happy at Work.”


American writer Annie Dillard once famously said,

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”

On that note, most of us will spend almost a third of our lives at work. Therefore, it would be hard to be happy in life if we are not happy at work.

happy post its - happy at work

This talk is focused on how we can become happier and more resilient which can lead to greater success. Research has shown that happier people have a competitive advantage and are more optimistic and productive which enables them to achieve their goals faster. This talk will provide an overview that can facilitate our happiness and resilience at work.


This talk seeks to inculcate into each participant on the importance of being 100% responsible for one’s own happiness. Throughout the sessions, the audience will learn the core aspects of being happy at work to manage their own emotions and performance.

Who must attend?

Individuals who wish to become happier and more resilient at work.

Learning objectives

The audience should be able to learn the following:-

  • Define their own definition of happiness at work
  • Appreciate the importance of being happy at work
  • Understand why they are not happy at work and how to overcome this challenge
  • Apply the key concepts on how to be happy at work

There are several reasons why hiring me as a speaker can be advantageous.

Two Options

Below are two options on how you can engage with me as a speaker.

If you have any questions, please contact me via my contact form.


The standard talk is 1-hour but we can customize the duration depending on your needs.

We recommend that you book at least a month in advance to ensure availability.

I can travel within the Klang Valley area to give the talk. If otherwise, the talk can be conducted virtually.

You can absolutely get a refund if the event is cancelled and I am no longer required to deliver the talk.