The Power of Saying What We Really Want

Have you ever been at a meal and wanted that last piece of biscuit or chicken or whatever it is?

Instead of taking it directly, we would often say, “Does anybody want the last piece?”
While we are being polite, everybody else knows that we actually want that last piece!

But of course, we should not take the last piece without saying anything, but perhaps we could state what we really want by saying, “I would like the last piece if nobody wants it. But if you do, we can share it!”

This is just a very simple example of how we dance around the things that we really want by hoping that the other person can read our minds or guess what we’re really trying to say.

How often do we make suggestions to other people and hide what we truly feel or want?

And how often do you feel frustrated when you wanted something to happen at work or in your family life, but because the other person doesn’t really know you want it, your needs are pushed aside?

On that note, do check out my video as I share my thoughts and the power of saying what we really want!

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