What Items Bring You Joy?

I’ve been watching a few videos recently in the news and it is undeniable that the cost of living has risen across the world and we need to be more mindful and careful with regards to how we spend our hard-earned money.

Embracing a minimalist lifestyle is not easy but we can be more conscious with regards to the ways we shop and try to declutter our life which also helps to promote sustainability.

As we try to cut down on the items that we buy, there are still small things that we can still indulge in and one of them include fridge magnets! I have visited many homes that have wonderful travel magnets and apart from that, they have also brought back other wonderful travel souvenirs with unique stories.

My parents are a clear example of how they enjoyed bringing back a small piece of something from the places that they have visited. Their house is filled with various items of shapes and sizes that are unique to the culture of the country that they were able to spend time in. They often enjoy describing how they obtained the item and the story behind it to anybody who visits them!

With regards to my own personal experience and items, you can watch my video below! As we try to live meaningful lives at work and at home, it is often the little things that can give us joy.

Please also feel free to share your own stories of items that are special to you or even share photos of your own fridge magnets!



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